About Us — Company History

Pal-Tech was found is 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has quickly grown into a leading supplier to the industrial fastener and furniture industry across North America. Today Pal-Tech has multiple offices in Ontario, Canada and Fort Myers, Florida that produce and ship over 1 million hardware bags all over North America each month.


Pal-Tech continues to grow and expand their capabilities to ensure we remain at the forefront of the North American fastener and furniture industry.

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Why Pal-Tech —
How We can Help Your Business

  • Largest domestic source for customized hardware and assemble kits in North America.

  • Innovative and evolving packaging solutions  

  • Global leader in the design and source of fasteners and furniture fittings  

  • Colour-coded poly bagging 

  • Customizable barcoding and labeling on each bag  

  • Just in time delivery | You carry less stock on your floor! 2 days to build, 2 days to ship on every order

  • Retail friendly packaging solutions 


Quality Control —
Raising the Bar with Every Product We Supply 

  • Industry leading quality means that you get the right items and the right quantity every time. 

  • A combination of weight, laser optics, and high-speed photo optics means that every bag produced by Pal-Tech has the highest possible quality standards. 

  • Photo optics — damaged or defective product can be identified and rejected even before its counted. Pal-Tech has brought pharmaceutical level technology into the RTA world.

  • ISO 9001 quality standards, combined with industry leading QC technology means that the right items, in the right quantizes are always in every bag.



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General Sales

+1 (647) 823-4140 — Canada 

+1 (239) 264-6360 — USA

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